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2024 Ministerium Annual Meeting

           Wednesday, June 26th 9am-5:30pm

Cincinnati Marriot at the Rivercenter 


The Annual Meeting is the highest governing body of the ECC Ministerium and votes each year on the budget, national officers, motions and resolutions, and oversees other business impacting Covenant Ministers. We also welcome to the Ministerium new members, transfers, candidates for credentialing, and move on all matters related to care and discipline of Ministers during our Business Session. (For more information on the purpose and authority of the Ministerium Annual Meeting, refer to the Ministerium Constitution linked in the "Business Documents" section.) 

As part of our Ministerium Annual Meeting we will be honoring and celebrating Women in Leadership through conferring the annual WIL Awards. For more information please visit:

The Covenant Ministerium comprises all who hold ministerial credentials through the Evangelical Covenant Church. These people are ordained, licensed, commissioned, or consecrated as a minister or global personnel. 

All voting members of the Ministerium must be in good standing prior to June 5, 2024 To maintain good standing, a credentialed Covenant minister must do the following: pay 2024 dues, complete current profile, and complete the current Vocational Growth Tool.

If you have questions regarding your standing, please contact, or call (773) 583-3211

Important Info

Important Info
Faithfully Forward

One of the key markers of the early church was their unwavering faithfulness. In the book of Acts, we see early believers devote themselves to teaching, fellowship, generosity, community, worshiping together, and giving God all the glory. We recognize the same traits in our churches locally and globally throughout the Covenant. This year’s Gather theme, “Faithfully Forward,” is an invitation to celebrate how God is moving throughout the denomination as we celebrate God’s faithfulness this past year, and we look forward to the future with hope.



ECC Annual Meeting

Maintaining good standing is required to be able to vote at the annual Ministerium meeting. It also qualifies you to apply for grants and scholarships in the Evangelical Covenant Church, as well as for receiving endorsements and letters of good standing. 

Please get into good standing prior to registering for the Ministerium Meeting in June.
The registration deadline for the Ministerium Meeting

is June 5th.

The Four Markers of Good standing are as follows:


  • All who hold an active credential owe dues to the Conference Ministerial Association where they serve.

    • Military Chaplains in full time active duty are billed by and pay dues to the Denominational Ministerium Treasurer. 

    • Serve Globally Global Personnel have dues paid by that mission priority.

    • Dues are optional for those whose credential status is inactive, retired, or on leave of absence. 

      • If you are unsure of your credential status, reply to this email, or email Bethany Saldaña directly.

    • Economic hardship exemptions are available upon request to the president of the ministerium, Harvey Drake. 

CovConnect Profile:
Profile must be updated and approved every three years. This year, that means you should have an approved profile in 2022, 2023, or 2024. 


  • Update your profile with significant events such as promotions, certifications, degrees, changes in call; make sure your address and your contact information are current.

  • Once your profile is completed, go to the Superintendent tab to submit it for approval.

  • If you need help logging in, please contact Bethany Saldaña

Annual Vocational Growth Tool:

Healthy Connections:
Below are some ways you can maintain healthy connections with your colleagues.  

  • Cluster groups

  • Retreats

  • Mentoring Relationships

  • Annual Meeting 

  • Study Groups

  • Midwinter Conferences

If you have questions about whether you are in good standing or your current credential status, please contact Bethany Saldaña at

There will be portions of the Annual Meeting that are open for public viewing, worship and participation. The majority of the business however, including content that involve votes and discussion, are only open to Active and Retired Ministerium Members who are in Good Standing. Those who are Inactive, not in Good Standing, or guests who are not Ministerium members are not able to attend the Annual Meeting without prior approval from the Ministerium Executive Board. 

Continuing Education
This will happen during our meeting time.



Room TBD



All Times Shown are in the Pacific Time Zone


9 AM – 5:30 PM Ministerium Annual Business Meeting




Business Docs

Business Meeting Documents

Here are documents for our Ministerium Meeting! We will continue to post document  and update over the next few weeks. Please take some time to review them before our meeting in June.


Proposed Bylaw Changes

Other Documents





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