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                                       ANNUAL DUES

Annual ministerial dues are paid through each regional Conference Ministerial Association and are an important part of maintaining the connectional nature of our shared life and ministry together. Your dues help strengthen and encourage pastors across the country by supporting national Ministerium leaders, the Mosaic Commission and clergy associations for women and chaplains; empowering colleagues through professional development, education, and gatherings; giving crisis assistance and care to pastors and their families; developing resources for clergy and offering scholarships and support to students, those seeking a call, women in ministry, and those in need of retreat or connection. Your dues also support regional and local efforts in your Conference and supports your MA leaders and fellow clergy through education opportunities, retreats and gatherings, crisis support, and local mission priorities such as planting churches, engaging in love mercy and do justice ministry, and more. 

Ministerial dues must be paid by May 1 of each year to maintain Good Standing for the coming/current year. If you are delinquent in paying your dues, you may be given a short grace period or you may be moved off the Good Standing list immediately. Exemptions from dues for one year are a possibility due to personal need or circumstances, and should be requested through your regional MA Chair. Ministerial dues have a portion set by your regional Conference MA that goes toward that MA’s budget, and a portion ($85) that goes toward the National Ministerium Budget. Other clergy Associations may have additional or self-set dues; contact them for more information.  

To pay your annual ministerial dues, contact your Conference Ministerial Association and look for an online payment option, or email Conference Ministerial Treasurer directly. Note that Missionaries pay their dues through the Department of Serve Globally. Retired or inactive Ministers should contact the Department of Develop Leaders directly. (


                      DUES PAID RANKED BY CONFERENCE


Updates on the current percentage of paid ministerial dues by Regional Conferences are provided periodically to give timely updates on the status of dues paid, and to also model transparency around our common shared commitment to ministry across our membership. Note that the minimum paid rate for member dues per region needed to make essential budgeted ministry is 80%; the goal is for each Conference Region to maintain 90% of dues paid. (Note: percentages listed below are from national records of dues paid as of May 2021) 

Central (74%)
East Coast(73%)
Great Lakes(69%)

                              MAINTAINING GOOD STANDING

                 Why This Matters: We hold each other to common standards to maintain professional and communal health.  

Ministerium members are asked to maintain “Good Standing” as the baseline measure of our commitment to professional health, growth, and collegiality within the Covenant Ministerium. Every Minister is asked to pursue these commitments with intentionally, for her/his own benefit and that of the larger Ministerium. Members in Good Standing enjoy the benefits of being able to vote at national and regional Annual Meetings, receive scholarships and grants, and share in the joy of influencing our church and carrying their share of common ministry. (All members may still inquire about Crisis Care Funds and other forms of support as needed; contact

There are four components to maintaining Good Standing:

  1. Paying annual dues through the Regional Conference in which you serve.

    • ​​For more info on dues, online payment options, your Conference’s standing, etc., click here.​

  2. Completing a professional Minister's Profile Form and keeping it updated every three years.

  3. Completing a Vocational Growth Tool (VGT) each year.

    • ​The VGT is found under the Resources tab within CovConnect. See info above.

  4. Maintaining regular healthy connections with ECC Ministerial colleagues.

    • This can be accomplished by attending Midwinter, Ministerium Annual Meetings, Conference Ministerial Association meetings and retreats, regional cohorts or mentoring groups, continuing education opportunities, or other gatherings or personal connections.

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