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Ministerium Officer Roles
Have you ever been curious about the role of the Ministerium officers? Check out this brief synopsis. We are here to serve you. If you ever questions, needs, or prayer please reach out to us any time. Email us @


The Ministerium President shall be an ordained minister in good standing of the ECC. The President leads the Min Exec Board Officers in their meetings and business throughout the year. The President prepares the agendas and convenes the meeting of the Ministerium Exec Committee each November and the Ministerium Annual Meeting each June. The President is also a voting member of the Board of Ordered Ministry and on their Executive Committee and attends their board meeting before Midwinter. The President grants/denies access to the email roster of credentialed clergy in the ECC for communication throughout the year. The President grants/denies exemption from payment of Ministerium dues because of hardship. The President appoints a chair of the Nominating Committee for the Min Exec Bd each winter and in partnership with the Vice-President collects nominations. The President represents the Ministerium in requested duties at the Midwinter Conference and the ECC Annual Meeting. The President is among those who lay hands on ordinands at the ECC Ordination Service.


The Ministerium Vice-President shall be an ordained minister in good standing of the ECC. The Vice-President supports the work of the President as needed, assuming duties of the President if she/he is not present, or if there is ever a vacancy and election needed to fill the President’s role. The Vice-President oversees communication/care with the Regional Officers serving within each Conference Ministerium throughout the year and ensures care and resources as needed from the Min Exec Board. The Vice-President supports the Nominating Committee that meets each winter to supply names for future Exec Board Officers. The Vice-President also oversees the components of clergy being in good standing, including the continuing education component and related training provided. The Vice-President oversees care and sends condolences to colleagues/spouses who have died during the year in partnership with the Ordered Min. staff. 


The Ministerium Secretary shall be a minister in good standing of the ECC. The Secretary shall take minutes at each business meeting, including the Ministerium Executive Committee held each November, and the Annual Meeting of the Ministerium held each June; the Secretary shall submit minutes from the Annual Meeting in a timely manner to the Ministerium Exec Board and to the Office of Ordered Ministry. Under the direction of the Ministerium President, the Secretary shall send out correspondence throughout the year as it pertains to the Executive Committee of the Ministerium or to the entire Ministerium. She/He will be responsible for coordinating housing information for each Executive Committee meeting in collaboration with the Events Office of the ECC. He/She will be responsible for requesting and receiving and sharing annual reports from each regional conference and Ministerium Association. In partnership with the Office of Ordered Ministry and the Vice-Secretary, the Secretary will also track updates needed to the Ministerium and CovChurch websites re current reports, minutes, and resources. The Secretary shall also maintain/access an accurate list of the current members of the Executive Committee of the Ministerium in partnership with Ordered Ministry Office.


The Ministerium Vice-Secretary shall be a minister in good standing of the ECC. The Vice-Secretary assists the Secretary as needed as business meetings of the Executive Committee and larger Ministerium, particularly through taking back-up notes for minutes, being the time keeper, and through helping collect and share information and reports. The Vice-Secretary also receives all greetings from credentialed clergy who are unable to attend Ministerium meetings. The Vice-Secretary also serves as the primary organizer and communication hub for the internal work of the Ministerium Exec Board, including taking minutes for meetings, sharing action items and resources, and updating Officers’ internal documents and policies. The Vice-Secretary helps update information on the Ministerium and CovChurch websites in partnership with the Secretary, and maintains communication/updates as needed in broader Ministerium communications, such as on social media, Ministerium facebook pages, etc.


The Ministerium Treasurer shall be an ordained minister, potentially retired, in good standing of the ECC. The Treasurer prepares the annual budget to submit to the Min Exec Board for approval and dispense budgeted funds throughout the year. The Treasurer also prepares financial reports for the Min Exec Committee each fall and provides a final audited report for the Annual Meeting of the Ministerium each summer. The Treasurer receives collected dues from regional conferences and from the the Serve Globally Department. The Treasurer directly notifies and collects dues from military chaplains and overseas, non-missionary ministers. 

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