2019 Annual Business Meeting Documents

Quick Links- Timely

  • ECC Ministerium Budget Report- July 2020- LINK
  • Covid19 Resources- LINK
  • Ministerium Annual Meeting 2020 (Phoenix)- LINK
  • New Ministerium Blog- VISIT

Quick Links- For Ministerium Members

  • General Ministerium Info and Leadership- LINK/ DOWNLOAD
  • Ministerium Consitution & Bylaws- LINK/ DOWNLOAD
  • FAQs on Ministerium & Ordered Ministry- LINK
  • How to Maintain Good Standing - LINK
  • CovConnect- LINK

Quick Links- Identity

Quick Links- For Further Communication

  • To contact ECC Dept. of Develop Leaders: ministry@covchurch.org
  • To contact Ministerium Officers: eccministerium@gmail.com
  • North Park Theological Seminary- LINK
  • Center for Spiritual Direction- LINK

Quick Links- Support for Pastors

  • Where to Find Support, Scholarships, DV and Crisis Care, Benevolent Requests- LINK
  • Healthy in Ministry - LINK


  • Bethany Benefits - LINK
  • Covenant Pension Plan- LINK

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