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Everyone with ministry credentials in the ECC or interested in a call to ministry/credentialing.


Support, connect, resource, represent, & advocate for you as leaders regionally and nationally.

The Covenant Ministerium is made up of the women and men who hold ministerial credentials through the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), whether ordained, licensed, commissioned, or consecrated as a Minister, Missionary, or Chaplain. The purpose of the Ministerium is to support, connect, speak into discipline and policy, and to raise/maintain standards common to our leadership and ministry work for our members (Ministerium Constitution & Bylaws).

According our Bylaws, the Covenant Ministerium:

  • Considers and acts upon the licensure, ordination, commissioning, consecration, and discipline of ministers and missionaries in accordance with the Rules for the Ordered Ministry and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Evangelical Covenant Church

  • Seeks to raise the spiritual, ethical, and professional standards of the Ministerium

  • Strengthens the bonds of Christian fellowship among the members of the Ministerium

  • Renders help to members of the Ministerium in times of special physical, personal, or spiritual need

  • Assists in the recruiting and selection of candidates for the Christian ministry and to work with North Park Theological Seminary in the matriculation of students

The Ministerium holds an Annual Business Meeting for all of its members each June before the ECC Annual Meeting/Gather and also has representatives that speak on your behalf at the Board of Ordered Ministry, the Midwinter planning team, and various Task Forces and Associations that impact Covenant clergy and students at North Park Theological Seminary. Ministerium members maintain Good Standing in this Association by attending to four requirements each year (updating your profile form, paying dues, completing the Vocational Growth Tool, and maintaining collegial connections), which enable you to enjoy privileges such as voting at meetings, speaking into the credentialing and care of new and fellow members, having access to various scholarships/support/resources, and the shared joy of being in common ministry together. (How to Maintain Good Standing)

You are invited to be an active part of this group of colleagues and leaders who shape and influence both local and national ministry! Learn more throughout this website about who we are and what we do; if you are not sure where to start, check out our Quick Links. 


The Covenant Ministerium is a national association governed by an Executive Board of five Officers, elected from among the members of the Ministerium. They lead and serve the Ministerium together with the Executive Committee, which is made up of:


  • Elected Chairpersons from each Regional Conference Ministerial Association

  • Elected Presidents on the Mosaic Commission/Ethnic Associations

    • African American Minister's Association (AAMA)

    • Covenant Asian Pastor's Association (CAPA)

    • Asociación Latina De La Iglesia Del Pacto Evangélico (ALIPE)

    • Indigenous Ministers\s Association (IMA)

  •  Elected President of the Advocates for Clergy Women (ACCW)

  •  Elected President of the Covenant Chaplains Association (CCA)

These leaders on the Executive Committee meet 2x annually to conduct business and help support and speak for the wider Ministerium. Each of these Ministerium Associations also has elected Officers that coordinate their activities and are key points of connection for their particular region or community of leaders. This work overlaps at points with the ECC Department of Develop Leaders, the Board of Ordered Ministry, and theological efforts through NPTS and CHET. (For more see: Roles of the Ministerium, Board, & Ordered Ministry.)   


  • Meet Your Current Ministerium Executive Board -

  • Board of Ordered Ministry - LINK

  • Department of Develop Leaders - LINK

  • North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS) - LINK

  • Centro Hispano De Estudios Teologicos (CHET) - LINK​


Representatives from each Regional Conference Ministerium Association, and from our Five Ministerial Associations make up the Ministerium Executive Committee. ​More information on your Regional Conference and Associations can be found below:


    • Commission on Biblical and Gender Equality

    • Association of Camp and Conference Center

    • Associate of Covenant Spiritual Directors

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