OFFICERS 2021-2022
of the ECC Denominational Ministerium

Taylor Portrait Small.jpg

Rev. Taylor Burgoyne


Oversees the Ministerium Officers and the Exec Committee by setting direction and empowering this wider team of leaders; represents the Ministerium on the Board of Ordered Ministry and on a variety of meetings/task forces/projects denomination-wide; presides over the  Ministerium Annual Mtng and other meetings.


Rev. Dieula Previlon

Vice- President

Oversees support and spiritual formation of the Regional Ministerium Chairs and is a liaison with Association Presidents; provides support to and fills in for the President where needed.


Rev. Laurie Cornell


Oversees communication and meetings for the Executive Committee and organizes the details of the Ministerium Annual Meeting (takes official minutes, supports the agenda, set up, organization)

Rev. Ruby Varghese


Oversees communication within the Board and Executive Committee, drives/organizes special projects, liaisons to other groups, supports online and email communication.


Rev. Eric Hedberg


Oversees finances and budget disbursement for the Exec Board, communicates with and liaisons with Conference Treasurers, makes payments on behalf of the Exec Board.