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Nominations for the 2021 Women in Leadership Awards are now closed.  Award recipients will be announced and honored at the 2021 Ministerium Annual Meeting on June 22-23, 2021 - more info on the Min Ann Mtng: https://www.eccclergy.org/annualmeeting2021

         MINISTERIUM AWARD |  ShePreaches

To be awarded to a woman with exceptional preaching abilities - whose proclamation of the Good News speaks truth and breathes life into those whom she disciples, teaches, and impacts.  


To be awarded to a woman with exceptional leadership capacities - whose authority, wisdom, and creativity builds up ministries and people to be more effective and strong Gospel witnesses.  


To be awarded to a woman with exceptional gifts of advocating

 - whose courage, resilience, and faithfulness empowers others and brings liberation and hope to the vulnerable and oppressed.  



All nominations must be women who are members in good standing of the ECC Ministerium, have been active in ministry for at least ten years, are not employed full-time by Covenant Offices, and have not received this same award previously. Diverse candidates with experience representative of our ECC Affirmations and practiced in the Six-Fold Test are encouraged. Each award will include a stipend of $1,000.00, financial support to attend the Ministerium Annual Meeting to receive the award, and being recognized throughout our church leadership. Nominations will be weighed and award recipients chosen by a committee of Ministerium Officers - Exec.Bd. members, Mosaic Commission reps, and ACCW and CBGE reps.    


  1. Authorizing Women to Lead - in senior pastoral positions and throughout the church

  2. Advocating for Survivors of Abuse and Harassment - through prevention, resources and support, and establishing healthy reporting streams 

  3. Advancing Women of Color - in varied particular ways that empower, see, and honor their leadership, gifts, traumas, and needed voices throughout the church 

  4. Equipping White Women for Anti-Racist Work - through intentional education, accountability, and activity in response to the invitation to lead and advocate at this intersection 

2021 WIL Online Event

As part of the Ministerium’s virtual “Make Room” Gathering, in March of 2021 over 120 women gathered for the Annual “Women in Leadership” Ministerium event. Participants helped speak into the current gifts, strengths, needs, and interests of women leaders in the ECC and share dreams, places to grow, and ideas around our four focus areas. We also celebrated events from the past year where virtual ministry had continued. 

  • White Women Work Summer Cohorts - over 100 women gathered virtually over the summer. Many thanks to all those who led, participated, helped lead trainings, and are continuing with this commitment in their leadership context. Shout out to the Coordination work of Rev Julie Capel who helped make these happen!

  • Women of Color Cohorts - leaders are continuing to meet and provide specific support, development, and healthy spaces during the ongoing trauma of Black and Brown communities, APPI violence, and more. Many thanks to the leadership of Rev. Stephanie Ahn Mathis, Rev. Dieula Previlon, Rev. Ruby Varghese, and more who are helping facilitate these gatherings in various spaces. 

  • The 2020 WIL Awards were named in July 2020 during ReImagine, the first ever virtual conference for ECC Clergy hosted by the Ministerium. We’re grateful for the powerful leadership of Rev. Cecilia Williams, Rev. Gail Song Bantum, and Rev. Juana Nesta, and all those who nominated and honored their gifts to the whole Body! 

2020 MIDWINTER in Chicago, IL

The second annual Women in Leadership event was held the afternoon before Midwinter 2020 started and gathered over 120 women! We heard from a variety of diverse women leaders speaking about how to ELEVATE OUR LEADERSHIP; we also honored the Indigenous land that we gathered on, heard from the Mosaic Commission, prayed over the women gathered, networked, and met in break-out groups to focus on Authorizing women in leadership, Advocating for survivors of abuse/assault and discrimination, and Advancing women of color/racial justice (which included groups for WOC and for white women.) 2020 speakers included Sup. Catherine Gilliard, Sup. Tammy Swanson-Draheim, Rev. Stephanie Ahn Mathis, Rev. Prajakta David, and President of the Ministerium Liz Mosbo VerHage (pictured on the right.) 

We also shared the exciting news that the Ministerium is launching three new annual scholarships to recognize Women Leaders who preach, lead, and advocate, to be awarded at each Ministerium Annual Meeting. 2020 WIL recipients were the first class of awards. 



Women in Leadership is an initiative of the ECC Ministerium committed to fully elevating and empowering women in leadership for the benefit of the whole Body of Christ, through authorizing women leaders, advocating alongside survivors of abuse/harassment, and advancing women of color. 
We do this ministry through:
- an annual pre-Midwinter Gathering for women leaders
- disbursing annual awards at the Ministerium Annual Mtng
- mobilizing around our four focus areas throughout the year 
WIL was established in 2019, is chaired by ECC Ministerium leaders, and works in partnership with other associations and church-wide efforts. More info: eccministerium@gmail.com 
2021 WIL Mobilization Team Co-Chairs:
Rev. Dieula Previlon & Rev. Mary Peterson

2019 MIDWINTER in Denver, CO

Our first-ever gathering for Women In Leadership happened just before Midwinter 2019 began - over 140 women showed up! President Liz Mosbo VerHage hosted the inaugural event as we heard from female Superintendents, had a Q&A about leadership, and then broke into three groups for deeper strategic conversations that addressed: Authorizing women in leadership, Advocating for abuse survivors and recovery ministries, and Advancing women of color and racial justice. There are several conversations and projects that were started as a result of the gatherings and are in process. As God provides leaders for this ministry area to grow, we are excited to see our future opportunities to connect and influence our wider church through empowered women in leadership!  






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