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Antiracism Discipleship Pathway

About ADP

The Antiracism Discipleship Pathways (ADP's) are year-long formational experiences designed with articles, books, films, videos, spiritualpractices and praxis exercises intended to facilitate spiritual growth and deepen your understanding of racial righteousness. These pathways willconnect you to the lived experience and Purposeful Narrative of your ECC sisters and brothers, offering substance to the 5th “P” of The Six-foldTest for Multiethnic Ministry. Finally, these pathways offer a unique opportunity to build community and a more robust fellowship with yourministerial peers who are also on a journey to love God and neighbor more faithfully.



Registration for the Antiracism Disciple Pathways is now open (until June 30th).

There are two new evolutions of note for this forthcoming round of the ADP.


  • We are piloting a new ADP track for ministers in Town & Country context. This T&C ADP contextualizes content, learning, and conversations for town & country settings. The material is curated to address how ADP topics are most likely to manifest in T&C spaces. If you would benefit from this pathway, or know of ECC peers who would, please register, or invite them to register.

  • For this first time, we’re allowing anyone holding an ECC congregational leadership role (lay leaders, church council, leadership team, LMDJ team, nonclergy staff members etc.) to participate in the ADP. In you have leaders in your congregation who would benefit from this expansion, please encourage them to register.  

Serve Locally has received several requests from ministerium members regarding resourcing that could aid ministers in discipling their congregations to see politics and civic engagement through our shared faith in Christ, versus seeing Jesus through the lens of our politics and civic engagement. We understand the deep desire of our ministerium to biblically and theologically ground conversations around politics and civic engagement in our communities. We have heard the requests of our ministerium members, and a resource to assist you is in development. These are perilous times, and we are committed to helping equip you to faithfully lead for such a time as this! If you would be interested in engaging this resource upon its completion, please fill out this brief interest form.

Additionally, if you are interested in sharing our 2024 Immersive Discipleship Experiences (IDE’s), they are below:

  • Our next Immigration immersion—A Migrant Journey: Scripture's Call to Welcome the Stranger—will take place August 9th -12th.. If you’re interested in joining us, please register here.

  • Registration for our next Sankofa experience—which will take place August 29th – September 1st—is now open.

  • You can now fill out the interest form for our September (12th – 15th) Weaving Justice and Peace: AN Indigenous Learning Experience.

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