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Antiracism Discipleship Pathway

About ADP

The Antiracism Discipleship Pathways (ADP's) are year-long formational experiences designed with articles, books, films, videos, spiritualpractices and praxis exercises intended to facilitate spiritual growth and deepen your understanding of racial righteousness. These pathways willconnect you to the lived experience and Purposeful Narrative of your ECC sisters and brothers, offering substance to the 5th “P” of The Six-foldTest for Multiethnic Ministry. Finally, these pathways offer a unique opportunity to build community and a more robust fellowship with yourministerial peers who are also on a journey to love God and neighbor more faithfully.

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W H O  A R E  T H E Y  F O R ?

The pathways are designed for ministers who hold an ECC credential, are pursuing credentialling within the ECC, hold a clerical position within anECC institution (i.e. chaplains, camping staff, global personnel, retired ministers, spiritual directors etc.), and denomination and/or conference staff.


W H A T  I S  T H E  C O S T ?

The cost to participants for the pathway is $125. This amount only covers a fraction of what the pathways will offer you, from a number of personalassessments, to personalized content from national leaders, to a Midwinter gathering. LMDJ, NPTS, and the ECC Ministerium are subsidizing theremaining cost as an investment in your leadership. Beyond this minimal fee, you will also be purchasing a few books and resources for pathwaycontent. If money is still a hindrance, please email for scholarship opportunities.

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W H A T  D O  T H E Y  E N T A I L ?

The pathways involve reading and viewing content, doing personal assessments, spiritual practices, praxis exercises, and reflection questions invirtual community with other ECC leaders. This is a cohort-based discipleship model with a mandatory monthly meeting with your cohort .

W H A T  A R E  T H E  P A T H W A Y  C O H O R T S ?

Participants are placed in a cohort of ministerial peers to walk and process with for one year. Cohorts are composed of 5-9 ECC leaders, and theyare guided by a trained ECC facilitator. During meetings you will discuss, process, and reflect on pathway content.

W H A T  I S  T H E  T I M E  C O M M I T M E N T ?

You will meet with your cohort for 90 minutes once a month for one year. Pathways have a rhythmic flow. Every section begins with a centeringreflection question that prepares you for the content. Generally, you will read a book or a book excerpt one month, and then you will engage onlineresources (films/videos, and/or a lecture) that connect the content to lived experiences of your neighbor.



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