Clergy Support

Develop Leaders

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence (SPE)

SPE offers both learning cohort opportunities and individual and group grants for spiritual and vocational development. For general information, go to, or contact the Manager of Ministry Services, at

Financial Coaching

For assistance with debt consolidation and counseling as well as individual and congregational financial planning and associated grants, go to Financial Leadership at

Midwinter Conference Scholarships

Available to credentialed pastors who have served at least one year and who have met all elements of good standing, the application can be found on the Midwinter Conference registration site. Questions should be directed to Develop Leaders 773-583-3211.

Ministers Care and Crisis Fund

This fund provides short-term financial assistance for credentialed clergy in crisis situations. To discuss needs in confidence, contact the Director of Pastoral Care at 773-442-6584.

Catastrope Assistance

DL also partners with Financial Leadership in a matching grant program to assist credentialed clergy facing a once-in-a-lifetime acute disaster. Contact the Director of Pastoral care at 773-442-6584 for a confidential consult.

Counseling Consults / Referrals

DL can assist in finding therapeutic resources in your geographic area. For guidance on seeking a mental health professional or a short list of potential providers, please call the following numbers: If you are in the Alaska, Canada, Pacific Northwest, Northwest, or Great Lakes Conferences please call: 224-935-2566 If you are in the East Coast, Southeast, Midsouth, Central, or Pacific Southwest Conferences please call: 224-935-6189

Freedom from Harrassment / Abuse

If you have experience harassment or abuse in your ministry context, your first call should be to your Superintendent’s office. DL is also available for consultation, advocacy and possible intervention. Contact the Director of Pastoral Care at 773-442-6584.



Covenant Pension Plan

  • 2019 Pension Update: "We hope you will take the time to watch this ~26-minute video outlining the key proposed changes to the CPP and the related implications for you as a participant or a local church. These changes will be voted on at Gather in Omaha. Last week, we sent a technical notice on the Plan Amendments as required by our ECC constitution (60 days in advance of Gather). We trust that this summary video will help provide further understanding of the context of our evaluation and the implications of plan changes for you. This serves as an advance preview of the near-final changes to be presented at Gather. Final decisions will be recommended by the Board of Pensions on May 17 and affirmed by the Executive Board in June." ~ [Paul Hawkinson, Director of Pensions]

For Regional Conference Officers

  • Instructions for Conference Treasurers
  • Sample Position Desciptions

List of Covenant Resource Papers

Resource Paper on Immigraton