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Covenant Pension Plan 2019 Update 

"We hope you will take the time to watch this ~26-minute video outlining the key proposed changes to the CPP and the related implications for you as a participant or a local church. These changes will be voted on at Gather in Omaha. Last week, we sent a technical notice on the Plan Amendments as required by our ECC constitution (60 days in advance of Gather). We trust that this summary video will help provide further understanding of the context of our evaluation and the implications of plan changes for you. This serves as an advance preview of the near-final changes to be presented at Gather. Final decisions will be recommended by the Board of Pensions on May 17 and affirmed by the Executive Board in June."  [Paul Hawkinson, Director of Pensions]


Info for ECC & Conference Treasurers

Materials include:

  • Using Board Effects

  • Instructions for Collection and Administration of Dues By ECC Conference Treasurers

Develop Leaders

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