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Our Ministerium Meeting Begins Today!


Our meetings begin today - and we're excited to gather with almost 600 of you online.

A few very last notes and reminders:

If you are registered for the Ministerium Annual Meeting you should have received the link to today’s Ongoing Education Zoom call beginning at 1pm Central Time. If you are credentialed and in Good Standing, you also will have received a separate link for tomorrow’s Ministerium Annual Meeting beginning at 9:30am Central Time for worship.

If you have not registered you can still view today’s Ongoing Education and tomorrow’s Annual Meeting on the Ministerium Facebook page at

Business meeting info is posted on our website ( including the agenda for Wednesday; note that some files were recently updated or given to us and were posted as soon as they were available. Apologies that all the info was not up at the same time, but thank you for your grace and understanding as everyone involved works to prepare for an online meeting in such an unusual year - we're so grateful for all those who have contributed to helping make our meeting happen!

Any last minute questions re tech access or registration should be emailed to (The email list serve is maintained by Dept of Develop Leaders and questions re getting email can be checked there.)

Join us in praying over these meetings and for a spirit of healing, connection, and liberation as we listen for and follow after the Living God, together!

In anticipation - Ministerium Exec Board

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