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Executive Team

Tammy Swanson-Draheim

Tammy Swanson-Draheim


Mike Zabel

Alaska Conference Ministerium Chair

Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards

Dean, North Park Theological Seminary & VP of Church Relations, North Park University

Herb Frost

Executive Minister of Ordered Ministry and Develop Leaders

Carmen Bensinski Lewis

Pacific Northwest

Tammy Long

Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women

Dennis Carlson

Chair, Board of Ordered Ministry

Ted Law

Midsouth Conference

Kanyere Eaton

Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women

Kevin Brown

East Coast Conference

Steve Peterson

Central Conference

Ken Morse

Chaplains Association

Julia Chamberlin

Midwest Conference

Marc Putnam

Southeast Conference

TJ Smith

President Indigenous Ministers Association

Ken White

Great Lakes Conference

Alma Zamudio-Maciel

Pacific Southwest Conference

Mary March

President of the Covenant Asian Pastors Association

Tom Greentree

Canadian Conference

Brad Kindall

Northwest Conference

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