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2021 Ministerium Annual Meeting

                     June 22 & 23, 2021  ONLINE EVENT



The Annual Meeting is the highest governing body of the ECC Ministerium and votes each year on the budget, national officers, motions and resolutions, and oversees other business impacting Covenant Ministers. We also welcome to the Ministerium new members, transfers, candidates for credentialing, and move on all matters related to care and discipline of Ministers during our Business Session. (For more information on the purpose and authority of the Ministerium Annual Meeting, refer to the Ministerium Constitution linked in the "Business Documents" section.) 

As part of our Ministerium Annual Meeting we will be honoring and celebrating Women in Leadership through conferring the annual WIL Awards. For more information please visit:




NOTE: The 2021 Ministerium Annual Meeting will be held online, due to a commitment to keep everyone healthy during COVID and the desire to increase access and participation. Please read the updates below noting new deadlines for registering, paying dues online/being in Good Standing, and to find out how you can prepare and join us this year. 

To register for the Ministerium 2021 Annual Meeting please visit The ECC Gather site 



When completing the form, indicate registration for the Covenant Ministerium Annual Meeting; this will include having access to the Ongoing Education Session (held June 22nd) and the Business Meeting (held June 23rd.)  


   - $20 registration fee covers access to both days (June 22nd and 23rd.) 

   - If cost is prohibitive to attending please ask about a waived fee; 

   - Registration is closed June 15th. ​

ECC Annual Meeting

You may also register at the same time for the 136th Covenant Annual Meeting as a delegate, General Conferee, resource person, etc. The Covenant Annual Meeting will begin Thursday June 24th and run through Sunday June 27th.

Good Standing and Voting Online

The deadline for Ministers to update all elements of their Good Standing is May 25th, 2021. This includes paying dues to your Conference Ministerial Association, online or in person, so that conferences can send information by the deadline for the denomination this year. This also includes making sure your Vocational Growth Tool is completed for this year, and that your CovConnect Profile has been updated within the last three years.If you are not up to date on Good Standing you may not attend or vote at the 2021 Ministerium Annual Meeting. 

There will be portions of the Annual Meeting that are open for public viewing, worship and participation. The majority of the business however, including content that involve votes and discussion, are only open to Active and Retired Ministerium Members who are in Good Standing. Those who are Inactive, not in Good Standing, or guests who are not Ministerium members are not able to attend the Annual Meeting without prior approval from the Ministerium Executive Board. 



This year’s meeting will be held online. 

  • Links for joining virtually each day will be provided once you register. 

  • There will be multiple (optional) online trainings also provided in order to help participants practice the technology being used for this year’s meeting, including becoming familiar with the voting platform we’re employing. Learn about these options at: 



June 22

1:00 - 4:00 pm CST - Ongoing Education Session

All Ministerium Members are invited to join this time of leadership development and equipping. The leader and topic are still being confirmed; more information will be shared in May. 


Training for Ministerial Officers  (POSTPONED)

New and returning Regional Ministerial Officers are encouraged to join this leadership development training.  The training however has been postponed from 4:30pm-5:30pm as originally announced, and rescheduled for Tuesday, September 14th at 3pm (CST).  Please contact Secretary Laurie Cornell at if you are interested in attending.  Training is particularly for all new conference MA chairs and Treasurers, although all interested Ministerium leaders are welcome.  

June 23

10:00 am - 5:00 pm CST - Business Meeting

  • Lunch break from 12 noon - 1:00 pm CST​

  • Optional business session as needed extends from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm CST


Business Meeting Documents

Below you will find Agenda Items for the 2021 Ministerium Annual Business Meeting. 

Documents will be will be posted as available throughout May; all relevant documents will be online as available.  Please check back periodically for new content this month.  


2021 Agenda- VIEW 2021 Standing Rules- VIEW 2019 Ministerium AM Minutes- VIEW Bios for National Officer Election- VIEW Proposed 2021 Rules for the Ordered Ministry- VIEW Ministry License List 2021-2022- VIEW Change in Standing List 2021- VIEW Finalization Candidates List (Transfer Ordn, Ordn, Cms, Consc) 2020-2021- VIEW Proposed Budget and Finance Report- VIEW Proposed Ministerium Bylaws Amendment - VIEW Executive Board Workgroup Comments on Proposed Ministerium Bylaws Amendment (6.21.21)- VIEW Resolution to Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery- VIEW PROPOSAL / VIEW VIDEO 2019 Executive Session Meeting Minutes- Available to members by request; will be shared during meeting Proposed Bylaws Q&A Zoom (6/4/21)- VIEW VIDEO Pension Report- VIEW Lifetime Service Award Honorees- VIEW

Supporting Info

Ministerium Constitution & Bylaws- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD 2019 Annual Mtng Minutes - Please see below under "Past Years- 2019"



No Meeting Due to Covid-19


KEY DOCUMENTS Agenda (updated 6.25.19) - VIEW/DOWNLOAD Biographic Info for Election of National Officers - VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Proposed Budget & Financial Report - VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Proposed Budget Changes Reasoning- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Motions - Antiracism Resolution- VIEW/DOWNLOAD ( english)/ ( español) Changing lines 117-119 Guidelines for Human Sexuality- VIEW ( english)/ ( español) SUPPORTING INFO Ministerium Constitution & Bylaws- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Standing Rules (updated 6.26.19) - VIEW/DOWNLOAD 2018 Annual Mtng Minutes - VIEW/ DOWNLOAD REPORTS Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos (CHET) - VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Finalization Candidates 2019- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Memorials 2019- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD Ministry License List 2019-2020- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS)- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD North Park University (NPU)- VIEW/ DOWNLOAD POST MEETING DOCUMENTS: Contested Credentials Hearing Info Sheet- VIEW Outline of Contested Credentials Hearing- VIEW Pastoral Survey Feedback Form (Charts/ Graphs)- VIEW Summary of the 2019 Ministerium Annual Meeting- VIEW Tellers Report- VIEW